Webinar: How to Succeed in Digital Health’s New Age of Implementation

Digital health is moving into a new era characterized by a focus on what’s realistically achievable. I call this the “Age of Implementation,” a challenging period defined by a focus on answering this question: How do we use digital health solutions to improve health outcomes, reduce costs, create better patient experiences and boost clinician satisfaction?

Today, I held a Webinar attended by health executives from around the world designed to help attendees learn key skills, strategies and approaches that will ready them for 2016 and boost their success during the Age of Implementation. I’m pleased to provide you with an opportunity to benefit from this Webinar by accessing the audio, video and slides from this important session. To access these resources, please see below.

Webinar Video


Webinar Audio

Click here to download this audio file (right click to do so).

Webinar Slides

Slides Download Link: Click here to access the slides from this Webinar.



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