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Trump and Digital Health: What's Next?

Our Free Brief Helps You Understand U.S. Digital Health's Future Under a Trump Administration

Free Brief: Understand How the Shifting U.S. Policy Landscape May Impact Digital Health

Obviously, the world is a different place than many of us thought it would be when we woke up on November 8, 2016. President-elect Trump is scheduled to take office soon.

And, the Democratic Party is at its lowest level of political power -- from the federal government to state houses and legislatures -- in generations.

The Affordable Care Act has helped to fuel the global digital health revolution and may be repealed and (potentially) replaced.

Will progress in digital innovation stagnate or accelerate under a President Trump? Where are the opportunities and barriers to progress?

These questions are vital and this brief is designed to help answer them.

This unique publication is in permanent beta and will evolve based on what we learn about the evolving U.S. health policy landscape over the coming weeks and months.

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