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Addressing the Human Side of Digital Health Innovation

The global health industry is facing tremendous challenges due to new digital technologies that are radically reshaping the design and delivery of health, medicine and wellness.

Health executives, medical professionals, entrepreneurs and others know they need to join the digital health revolution, but many aren’t sure how best to proceed. They are struggling to get their colleagues to accept digital’s potential. And, how to ensure innovation helps rather than blunts people’s ability to fulfill their responsibilities and objectives.

To address these issues futurist, strategist and researcher Fard Johnmar developed the Digital Health Maven Growth System in 2014. The system is designed to help executives, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, innovators and others succeed by learning and practicing the habits of digital health mavens. These are:

  • Cultivate curiosity
  • Pursue insights about digital health
  • Put humans (customers, patients) first
  • Embrace flexibility (willingness to change direction)
  • Practice bravery (by running toward, rather than away from, innovation and novelty)

All tools and resources associated with the Digital Health Maven Project are aligned with the system. Please watch the six-minute video below to better understand why the system was developed and how it can help you.

Start your journey toward understanding and practicing the habits of digital health mavens by downloading our popular free ebook, "The Guide to Embracing Your Inner Digital Health Maven" (see below).


Download the Guide

Download our popular free ebook, "The Guide to Embracing Your Inner Digital Health Maven"

Click here to download the guide.

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