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The State of Digital Health Innovation - Wave I Report

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A Study Designed to Provide the Global Health Ecosystem With Vital Information About Digital Innovation Progress

According to new global research produced by Enspektos, which powers the Digital Health Maven Project, only 5% of health organizations excel at digital innovation.

In addition, while health organizations are actively experimenting with digital technologies, many lack the expertise and resources to implement and scale these innovations optimally.

In the State of Digital Health Innovation Wave I study report you'll learn:

  • Why progress is slow even in relatively mature technology areas such as social media and mobile
  • The reasons organizations do not yet have sufficient technical expertise or budgetary resources to efficiently scale their innovation efforts
  • Why startups and other health organization partners need to pay attention to this research and how they should react to these findings
  • Actionable insights about how to assess and improve digital health innovation expertise and execution

We're sure you'll want to reference this high-value report repeatedly as you assess, improve and scale your digital health innovation efforts.

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