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The Guide to Embracing Your Inner Digital Health Maven

Ignite Your Success By Studying and Adopting Traits Shared by the World’s Most Celebrated Digital Health Leaders

People like Esther Dyson, John Nosta, Kevin Pho, Susannah Fox and Jane Sarasohn-Kahn are celebrated for their unique perspectives, innovative thinking and ability to change hearts, minds and bodies. And, rightly so, for these digital health mavens are helping to drive the revolution that is changing health and medicine around the world.

But, if you were to ask the typical health executive or medical professional about whether they would be able to replicate the success of these mavens, their likely answer would be: “I could never do that.”

At the same time, leaders in health organizations around the world are raising the alarm that employees, partners and others are ill-prepared to navigate and benefit from the digital health revolution.

Also, some employees, consultants, physicians and others are secretly worried that the skills they worked so hard to gain will be obsolete in less than five years due to the rapid pace of technological change occurring in health.

In this environment, it’s no longer enough to allow a few to lead and the rest to follow. Every medical professional and executive must accept the responsibility of embracing their inner digital health maven and upgrading global health. Unfortunately, there have been no resources specifically designed to help people grow into the role of digital health maven — until now.

Futurist and researcher, Fard Johnmar has spent nearly 10 years intensively studying digital health. While writing his bestselling co-authored book, ePatient 2015, he discovered five traits high-impact digital health leaders share that allow them to excel where others flounder.

With the “Guide to Embracing Your Inner Digital Health Maven,” you’ll:

  • Learn why digital health mavens are so successful
  • Receive detailed and actionable advice that will help take your career, organization and team to the next level
  • Start learning how to adopt the habits of digital health mavens in less than 15 minutes a day

If you’re struggling to figure out how to get yourself, your team or your organization to innovate and excel in digital health, this guide is a must-have resource.

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