Shahid Shah on Why It Is Vital to Look Past the Obvious in Digital Health

Shahid Shah: Our Guest on the Digital Health Maven Podcast – October 2017

Shahid Shah is a digital health maven because of his focus on unpacking the whys behind digital health trends in order to guide organizations, government and others in their quest to use these technologies for maximum impact.

Shah’s primary digital health maven trait is pursuing insights  (click here to learn about the five traits of digital health mavens).

Shah is an award-winning Government 2.0, Health IT, Bio IT & digital Medical Device Inventor & CTO with over 28 years of technology strategy, architecture, engineering, entrepreneurship, speaking, and writing experience.

You’ll hear Shah talk about the importance of going beyond the what to investigate the whys behind digital health trends to understand how these technologies truly impact organizations and consumers and how they can best be maximized or mitigated.

The focus of today’s conversation is the digital health maven trait pursuing insights, or looking past the obvious to discern underlying trends, themes, culture and other forces shaping how technology is used and applied globally.

The Digital Health Maven Podcast is focused on illustrating how digital health mavens are using their curiosity, thirst for insights, human-centered approach, flexibility and bravery to change health and medicine for the better. The podcast is also designed to uncover how each person’s experiences and perspectives contributes to his or her ability to practice digital health maven traits such as embracing flexibility and cultivating curiosity.

Listen to this episode below.

About the Host: This podcast is hosted by Fard Johnmar, digital health futurist, researcher, speaker and helper. Learn more about Fard and his work by clicking here.

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