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Boosting Understanding of Global Digital Health Innovation, Acceleration and Scope

The current state of digital innovation in global health can be summed up using two words: excitement and frustration.

On the one hand, investors and health organizations are pouring intense energy and billions of dollars into companies that are creating and scaling digital solutions. On the other, there is great frustration among hospitals, physicians, executives and others about the slow pace of digital innovation in health. We could be doing much more to develop and spread innovative solutions that boost patient satisfaction, save money and improve outcomes.

There are three resources that could help accelerate digital innovation in health globally:

  1. A simple, easy-to-communicate and widely-available framework that would help organizations, entrepreneurs and others quickly understand health organizations’ progress in integrating digital innovations into their products, services and operations
  2. Data benchmarking how hospitals, government agencies and other health organizations are doing when it comes to understanding and using health innovations to serve patients, medical professionals and others
  3. Quarterly insights regarding the shape, scope and impact of digital technologies on global health

Producing Digital Health Innovation Resources and Research


To help accelerate digital innovation in health globally, futurist, strategist and researcher Fard Johnmar developed a unique framework called the Digital Health Innovation Integration Curve (see above).

Introduced in a 2015 analysis developed on behalf of StartUp Health, the framework outlines three key stages of innovation activity — from initial awareness to scaling the use of digital health technologies across the enterprise.

digihealth impact trac: A Quarterly Research Series

In Q3 2017, we launched digihealth impact trac. It is designed to complement and expand upon reports produced by StartUp Health, Rock Health and other organizations focusing on U.S. and global digital health investment activity. It provides information about how digital technologies are being implemented and impacting health and medical care on a quarter-by-quarter basis. This research is powered by a four-phase analysis of 700,000+ market and financial signals to provide a global snapshot of the market’s shape, scope and strength.

State of Digital Health Innovation Research Initiative

In December 2015, we launched a unique research initiative that benchmarks how health organizations in the United States, Canada, India, the United Kingdom and other parts of the world are integrating digital technologies into their products, services and operations.

The goal of this research, which is based on the Digital Health Innovation Integration Curve, is to spur innovation by quantifying the characteristics of successful organizations, inspiring laggards to accelerate their digital health activities and more.

In addition, a parallel study examines how startups, technology companies and other health organization partners perceive progress in digital innovation across key industry sectors. Organizational and partner perceptions will be compared and contrasted to identify areas of convergence and divergence and shed additional light on digital health innovation progress globally.

This research effort is called the State of Digital Health Innovation Study. Wave I of the study ended in February 2016. We published a research report regarding the findings of Wave I in mid-April 2016.

Read digihealth impact trac and the State of Digital Health Innovation Research Reports

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