The Great Challenges Series – Part III: How Are Digital Innovations Helping to Improve Care Access?

digital health maven dot edu – episode 9:  March 11, 2019

This episode is the third of a multi-part series focusing on how digital technologies either are (or potentially could) help solve big health challenges in a few key areas.

Globally, countries such as India and China face severe shortages in qualified nurses, physicians and other medical professionals. In others, resource constraints are leading to significant wait times for health services in non-emergency and emergency care.

Given this, some have looked to digital innovations to help improve the conditions that prevent people from accessing care. In this podcast you’ll learn about the technologies being deployed to solve this problem, the global centers of digital innovation around care access and more.

The digital health maven dot edu podcast is designed to deepen your understanding (and ability to leverage) trends, technologies and innovations that are re-shaping global health.

The podcast showcases excerpts from lectures featuring unique digital health market intelligence developed by Fard and other experts related to artificial intelligence, mobile health, voice technologies, Big Data and other fast-moving innovations.

Listen to this episode below.

About the Host: This podcast is hosted by Fard Johnmar, digital health futurist, researcher, speaker and helper. Learn more about Fard and his work by clicking here.

Interested in diving deeper into any of the insights and strategies outlined in the podcast? Get in touch by clicking here.

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