The Great Challenges Series – Part IV: The Negative Economic Impacts of Climate Change on Health: Can Tech Help?

digital health maven dot edu – episode 10:  April 1 , 2019

This episode is the final installment of a multi-part series focusing on how digital technologies either are (or potentially could) help solve big health challenges in a few key areas.

Countries around the world are already experiencing financial damage, increased prevalence of communicable diseases and other negative impacts due to climate change. And, the negative health-related economic consequences of a changing climate may only grow in strength and scope as we enter the next decade. Can digital technologies help reduce the health-related economic damage caused by a climate change?

In this podcast you’ll learn about how artificial intelligence, Big Data, blockchain and other technologies are being used to improve understanding of the scope of climate-related health economic challenges and potentially reduce their negative impact.

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Listen to this episode below.

About the Host: This podcast is hosted by Fard Johnmar, digital health futurist, researcher, speaker and helper. Learn more about Fard and his work by clicking here.

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