Fabio Gratton on the Power of Flexibility and Perseverance in Health Innovation

Fabio Gratton: Our Guest on the Digital Health Maven Podcast: July 2016

podcast_imagefabio_grattonFabio is a digital health maven because of his ability to solve the toughest innovation-related challenges with enthusiasm rather than resignation. His curious mind and active intellect has enabled him to develop numerous initiatives that are helping patients, entrepreneurs and others globally .

Fabio’s primary digital health maven trait is embrace flexibility (click here to learn about the five traits of digital health mavens).

Fabio is a serial entrepreneur and innovator who has launched a range of successful companies. He is currently founder and of Alchemy Factory, a California-based digital health incubator and one of the country’s few health tech focused co-work spaces. Through Alchemy, Fabio has launched a series of innovative companies, including CureClick, Sonic Health, inVibe, and DrinkBryte.

The Digital Health Maven Podcast is focused on illustrating how digital health mavens are using their curiosity, thirst for insights, human-centered approach, flexibility and bravery to change health and medicine for the better. The podcast is also designed to uncover how each person’s experiences and perspectives contributes to his or her ability to practice digital health maven traits such as embracing flexibility and cultivating curiosity.

In this episode of the Digital Health Maven Podcast, we focus on the digital health maven trait embrace flexibility and how this skill is an absolute requirement if we are going to be able to tackle the biggest, most important health issues of the day.

Listen to this episode below.

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