Digital Health Maven Podcast Short: Matthew Holt on Being a Courageous Contrarian

Digital Health Maven Matthew Holt on Being a Courageous Contrarian

Matthew-Holt2Matthew Holt is the co-founder of  Health 2.0, a conference-driven global movement that showcases innovative technologies in healthcare, along with challenges, code-a-thons, education, expos and market intelligence. He has spent more than 25 years in healthcare and healthcare IT as a generalist forecaster and strategist. He has also worked for renowned forecasting and polling organizations, conducted several ground breaking in-depth studies about many aspects of health care, and delivered several keynote addresses.

Matthew will also be featured on the next full episode of the The Digital Health Maven Podcast in September. The Digital Health Maven Podcast Shorts series consists of brief excerpts from upcoming interviews designed to get you excited for the next full program and help you learn something new about our mavens.  This installment features Matthew talking about what motivated him to take a significant risk and develop the Health 2.0 conference. At its launch, it was unclear whether anyone would be interested in such an event. Moreover, while it may be unimaginable today, at the time, technology was — in very significant ways — less important and less trusted in healthcare.

Listen to this episode below. This podcast, and the Digital Health Maven Project, is sponsored by Validic.

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