Digital Health Maven Podcast Short: BJ Fogg’s Behavior Change Secret

Digital Health Maven BJ Fogg on What it Takes to Truly Change Behavior


BJ Fogg is well-known for shaping the strategies and tactics many are using to improve how digital technologies shape and enhance behavior — especially in the health arena. Fogg has earned many accolades and was named by Fortune Magazine as one of 10 new gurus you should know.

Fogg will also be featured on the next full episode of the The Digital Health Maven Podcast in late September. The Digital Health Maven Podcast Shorts series consists of brief excerpts from upcoming interviews designed to get you excited for the next full program and help you learn something new about our mavens.  This installment features Fogg talking about the behavior change secret it took him 20 years to learn and how to use digital in ways that truly aligns with how people live, work and play.

Listen to this episode below. This podcast, and the Digital Health Maven Project, is sponsored by Validic.

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