Launched: A New Weekly Digital Health Innovation Crash Course

I’m in the midst of analyzing data collected for the first State of Digital Health Innovation study.

The results are clear. Many in global health are simply not prepared to maximize and scale their digital health innovation efforts.

The results of the study will be released in a few weeks.

In the meantime, there’s a pressing question that must be answered about this research: If so many are digital health innovation laggards, what can we do about it?

Today, I’m launching a resource designed to help close the gap between innovation leaders and (most) everyone else.  It’s a new, weekly 1-hour seminar that is aligned with the results of the State of the Digital Health Innovation study (and other insights my firm Enspektos has gathered over the last 10+ years).

This research demonstrates that digital health innovation leaders share five common characteristics. During this unique crash course I’ll teach you what these traits are and how to apply these insights to your work.

To learn more and register for the next session of this unique 1-hour crash course, please click here. (By the way, it’s free.)

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