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Here's just some of what you'll learn after you enroll in the masterclass

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Here's some of what you get:

Research-based strategic insights you can put to immediate use

Self-directed learning that fits into your busy schedule

Learn on the go -- and in the office

An instructor with nearly 20 years experience in global health and 10+ in the digital health market

Exercises that help you apply what you learn.

Worksheets, a four-part strategic innovation decision support tool and many more unique guides and resources

Curriculum informed by more than a decade of industry-first studies and implementation experience

Quizzes designed to help you retain what you learn

Certificate of Completion

Hand-Crafted Worksheets, Decision Support Tools and Other Resources Designed to Reinforce Skills You Can Apply Immediately

Here's an example of one of the high-value downloadable resources available to masterclass participants

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Here's some of what these unique resources will help you learn and achieve:

  • Strategies for anticipating and overcoming innovation obstacles
  • Metrics you can use to measure the impact of your innovation communications efforts
  • The art of persona development and how it can help you convince and convert allies and customers
  • Specific tactics you can use to de-risk innovation
  • Learn how to deconstruct digital health products and services developed in-house and by competitors to accelerate innovation activities

Proven Education, Insights and Advice

Benefit from the kind of high-impact intelligence, strategy, education and insights that we've delivered to innovators, entrepreneurs, executives and others at (or associated with) leading organizations and startups.


This masterclass is designed to fit your busy schedule. Complete the course at the office -- or on the road. Easily track your progress and review concepts you learned previously at any time.

Benefit from Personalized, On-Demand Support

Each week, access support, advice and more during online office hours (Email support is also available)

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Seeking more in-depth support and advice? Take advantage of our optional email and real-time support via:

  • Weekly online "office hours" where you'll be able to have your questions answered in real-time using our secure instant messaging portal
  • Support and advice through our private email service

Need More Information?

Read a detailed overview of the objectives, agenda and benefits of the masterclass and watch an excerpt.

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High Praise for the Masterclass

"I strongly recommend you take part in this masterclass."

"I have been through two accelerators and I have reached out to many entrepreneurs for advice and feedback, but I still felt I was missing key insights. I also paid $4,000 for consulting from a major digital health expert and ended up disappointed that they offered few new ideas. I thought the masterclass might be a way to get more directly relevant learning.

After taking part in the masterclass, I was pleasantly surprised. I did not realize it would be quite as well-organized and hands-on, with specific tasks that could strengthen skills, rather than just lectures. I especially like the worksheets, which can be applied either to understand others' digital health solutions or to dig deeper into the problems that I am grappling with in implementing my own startup. I also liked the case examples, which brought the principles and organization of the modules to life.

I found the office hours to be extremely valuable. In my first office hour with Fard, he took extra time to talk with me about issues that were greatly concerning me about my startup, and I found his input so valuable that I decided to engage in individual coaching -- which is just as valuable as I expected -- in addition to completing the masterclass.

I strongly recommend that you take part in this masterclass. Fard gives an excellent overview of the current state of the digital health field, provides valuable tools to analyze one's own organizational issues or to understand the competition, and the office hours allow time to discuss individual issues to supplement the online materials."

Leslie R. Schover, PhD

Founder, Will2Love

This masterclass is designed to fit your busy schedule. Complete the course at the office -- or on the road. Easily track your progress and review concepts you learned previously at any time.


Who is the Course Instructor?

Fard Johnmar

Masterclass Leader, Digital Health Futurist, Strategist and Researcher

Fard's mission is to help accelerate digital innovation in global health, a goal Fard has pursued for more than 10 years.

Fard is also a nearly 20-year health industry veteran and has been responsible for a series of digital health firsts, including:

  • Producing the first in-depth research examining the impact of blogs and "user generated content" on global health
  • Creating a widely-used strategy that helped pharmaceutical firms understand how to engage their stakeholders via social media -- years before most were focused on this issue
  • Producing digihealth pulse, the first ongoing study of digitally savvy ePatients that improved understanding of their use and perceptions of emerging technologies in health
  • Developing the Digital Health Maven Growth System and the Digital Health Innovation Integration Curve, two industry-first frameworks designed to build innovation capacity at the individual and organizational levels that have benefited many globally since 2014

As founder and president of the innovation consultancy Enspektos, Fard also has gained extensive experience solving digital health challenges faced by both large and medium-sized companies, government agencies and startups.

He has provided support to innovators and entrepreneurs at (or associated with) organizations from around the world, including Novartis, the Consulate General of Canada, Humana, Johnson & Johnson, Metronome and Shire.

He is also the co-author of the global #1 bestseller ePatient 2015: 15 Surprising Trends Changing Healthcare, which explores how health technologies are shaping the future of how consumers, caregivers and others will think about and receive care. In addition, he is a fellow at the Columbia University-affiliated Healthcare Technology Innovation Lab.

Fard's work has been covered by numerous media, including Bloomberg, Forbes, NPR, The Los Angeles Times and USA Today.

Fard is also deeply familiar with the ins and outs of product development, as he holds a U.S. patent for a method and technology designed to link digital health content consumption with behavior change among patients, physicians and others called enmoebius.

Fard has distilled the extensive knowledge and insights he's gained over his career in digital health into this unique masterclass.

Who Should Participate?

The goal of this masterclass is to provide innovators, executives, entrepreneurs, medical professionals and others involved with the hard work of bringing digital health innovations to life with an opportunity to learn and receive insights that will amplify and accelerate their work.

People from every part of the global health ecosystem are welcome to take part.

Can Groups from the Same Organization/Company Take Part?

Yes. Multiple tickets can be purchased.

This masterclass is designed to fit your busy schedule. Complete the course at the office -- or on the road. Easily track your progress and review concepts you learned previously at any time.

Dan ReusI had the pleasure of working with Fard on Metronome, a digital health data service. Every two weeks we talked, exchanging documents via his online collaboration platform, and he helped me clarify Metronome with thought-provoking discussion and coaching. In a few short months he helped me sort through what Metronome was, who the stakeholders were, what they valued, and how to synthesize all that in documents I could share to build support.
Dan Reus
Innovator, Founder of Metronome and Openly Disruptive
Rudolf KingFard showed me a very simple step I never thought of before -- already embedded in my product -- that might be of highest value to a potential distribution partner. In fact Fard's approach helped me realize that I would have to rewrite my business plan! How often does this happen and you are actually happy about it?
Rudolf King
Founder, SwiftAlarm!

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