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The State of Digital Health Innovation Research Initiative: The Essentials

Why this research? | How can you take part?

Digital Health's New Age Requires Better Data
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We define digital health as the use of multiple technologies (software, analytics, genomics, devices, etc.) to track, improve, support and modify health.

Although digital health is still relatively young, it is rapidly maturing into a new era: The Age of Implementation. This will be a challenging period dominated by a single question: What’s the best way to implement digital solutions so that they truly have an impact on the quadruple aim: improved health outcomes, lower costs, better patient experiences and clinician satisfaction?

Much will be accomplished in digital health during the Age of Implementation, but there's a problem. Health organizations, startups, tech firms and other innovators seeking to use digital technologies to transform health are facing a significant data gap. Consider these two questions:

  • Globally, how are health organizations doing when it comes to integrating digital solutions (such as wearables, mobile and Big Data) into their products, services and operations?
  • Are the innovation expectations of startups, investors, health tech firms and others aligned with the reality of how health organizations are progressing in digital health?

Since late 2015, more than 150 health executives, innovators, medical professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers, government officials and others like you from around the world have contributed 10-15 minutes of their time to help us answer these questions. Our goal is to work with people like you to gather the world's largest data set on digital health innovation progress (and share it free of charge) so that we can:

  • Help companies, non-profits and others maximize the impact of their innovation activities via an improved understanding of best practices, how they compare to peers (internally and externally) and improve their efforts with personalized insights and advice
  • Enable startups and other firms to realize their full potential with better data about health organizations' appetite for (and ability to execute around) their digital health innovations

Understanding the 10-15 Minute Digital Health
Innovation Assessment Process


We have developed a proprietary and industry-first digital health innovation assessment process. Taking only 10 - 15 minutes to complete, it is used to:

  • Gather data on global digital health innovation progress
  • Help you benchmark and improve your innovation activities (if you are with a health organization)
  • Help you (if you're from a startup, health technology firm, etc.) assess how your clients and others are doing from a digital health innovation perspective to enable you to identify obstacles, recognize opportunities and more

Getting Started

You can take one of two related assessments:

  • Health Organization Assessment: This assessment is designed for people working at health organizations (or other firms with health divisions) who have an understanding of how they are engaging in digital health innovation. (It can be completed anonymously.)
  • Partner Assessment: This assessment is meant for people with partners of organizations (startups, consultancies, health tech firms, etc.) who have knowledge of how various health industry subsectors are using digital technologies.

Your Privacy is Assured

To date, more than 150 executives, innovators, entrepreneurs and others -- many from leading organizations -- have completed digital health innovation assessments. Your data will only be shared in aggregate and will never be given to third-parties. In addition, the personalized innovation report you'll receive post-assessment is not stored in our database.

The State of Digital Health Innovation Research Initiative: The Benefits

What will you receive in exchange for your participation? | How will you benefit?

The 7+ Page Customized Innovation Report You Immediately Receive Post-Assessment


After completing the assessment process, you'll immediately receive a personalized 7+ page report.

This powerful resource is packed with actionable insights that can help health organizations assess their innovation activities, identify strengths and weaknesses and more.

Partners (such as startups and health tech firms) can use this report to highlight areas of potential collaboration or even uncover new opportunities.

Receive Free Training That Will Help You Improve and Accelerate Your Digital Health Innovation Efforts

We've developed a range of educational and training content (available free of charge) aligned around critical issues identified during Wave I of this research initiative. Use your personalized innovation report, in combination with these resources, to understand how you can improve and accelerate your innovation efforts.

Compare and Contrast Your Progress Using Our Global Digital Health Innovation Benchmarking Data

You'll also have the opportunity to receive live feedback on your assessment

Post-assessment, understand where you (or your clients'/partners) compare using data collected during Wave I of this study that has not been released to the general public. Use this data to guide critical conversations, place your strengths and weaknesses into context and more.

Get Free Live Support

You'll also have the opportunity to discuss the results of your assessment during a 30-minute live phone/Skype conversation with Enspektos, the developer of this research initiative.

Produced by Enspektos, LLC

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Enspektos, LLC is a globally respected innovation consultancy. Over the last 10 years, we have helped health executives, medical professionals, innovators and others understand, innovate and excel in digital health using original research, unique technologies, non-obvious insights and more.

This research initiative is part of Enspektos' Digital Health Maven Project, which delivers research, education, events, training and more to inspire you to champion, build and implement powerful innovations using digital solutions globally.

Sponsored, in Part, By Validic


Validic provides the industry’s leading digital health platform connecting providers, pharmaceutical companies, payers, wellness companies and healthcare IT vendors to health data gathered from hundreds in-home clinical devices, wearables and consumer healthcare applications.

Reaching more than 160 million lives in 47 countries, its scalable, cloud-based solution offers one connection to a continuously-expanding ecosystem of consumer and clinical health data.

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