Assessing and Benchmarking Digital Health Innovation Progress Globally

Complete This 10 - 15 Minute Assessment to Receive Your Customized Digital Health Innovation Action Report and More

State of Digital Health Innovation: Organizational Assessment

Thank you for your interest in taking this assessment and helping us continue to benchmark global digital health innovation progress.

If you work at a health organization (or with a firm focused in another industry, but with a health division) and have an understanding of how the organization is engaging in digital health innovation, this assessment is for you.

Please note:

  • We anticipate that this multiple choice assessment will take between 10 - 15 minutes to complete (depending on how many innovations you select to assess)
  • You have the option of taking this survey without revealing your organization. However, we will ask for a first name and email address to deliver your personalized report and other digital health innovation resources
  • Your individual responses will not be shared, but we will combine them with other data we are collecting and sharing (in aggregate) for the State of Digital Health Innovation research initiative
  • Feel free to make an educated guess on any question you are unsure about
  • You must answer all questions in order to receive your personalized report and other high-impact innovation resources

We're grateful to the following leading organizations from around the world for their generous help with publicizing and gathering data for this important research.
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