Are Some AI-Driven Diagnostics Innovations Ethnically and Racially Biased?

digital health maven dot edu – episode 3:  November 14, 2018

This episode focuses on the emerging world of digital diagnostics. Innovations in this growing sub-sector of the digital health industry use data, software and devices to hopefully improve the detection and diagnosis of cancer, depression, malaria and other conditions.

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You’ll learn about five key market challenges associated with digital diagnostics, including data diversity (click the image below for an overview of the five challenges discussed in this episode). One key question some are asking is this: are some AI-driven diagnostic solutions ethnically and racially biased?

What does this mean? Well, there are concerns that data sets being used to train digital diagnostic models (for machine and deep learning) are not diverse enough to ensure high accuracy across a range of populations.

This is especially important in the area of skin cancer where not having data about how it presents in dark skinned individuals could make these diagnostic tools not only inaccurate, but potentially life threatening.

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