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podcast_imageThe Digital Health Maven Podcast is a regular program designed to inspire and enlighten you with stories and insights from the people who are making a tremendous difference in health. They’re CEOs, researchers, thinkers and others who are shaping health’s future and helping us understand and use digital innovations to improve health globally.

The show is also focused on illustrating how these digital health mavens are using their curiosity, thirst for insights, human-centered approach, flexibility and bravery to change health and medicine for the better. The podcast is also designed to uncover how each person's experiences and perspectives contributes to his or her ability to practice digital health maven traits such as embracing flexibility and cultivating curiosity. This is why you'll hear a lot about their life and career during each installment. Click here to learn more about what we are seeking to achieve by telling the stories of digital health mavens.

Click here to view a listing of mavens featured in current and future episodes of the program.

The podcast is produced by Fard Johnmar, digital health futurist and founder of the innovation consultancy, Enspektos.

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