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Digital Health Maven Project-Related Events

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One of the ways we seek to reach, educate and inspire health executives, medical professional, entrepreneurs and others is by developing, producing and attending events alone or — more often — in partnership with others. Digital Health Maven Project-related and other events include:

  • Webinars: Where we focus on educating on future trends in digital health and more
  • Live events: These are produced by Enspektos (the founder of the project) or in partnership with third parties free or at low cost. From time to time, the project’s founder, Fard Johnmar, also speaks at events on Digital Health Maven Project-related research and other topics
  • Training sessions: Virtual or live sessions designed to provide training on key innovation-related issues
  • Keynotes and talks: Fard Johnmar, founder of the Digital Health Maven Project, is often asked to deliver keynotes and talks on innovation, trends and other subjects; where appropriate, these are listed below

Please see below for more information about project-related events.

Many of these events are produced by Fard Johnmar of Enspektos, the innovation consultancy powering the Digital Health Maven Project.

Upcoming Events

Special Event

Event providing significant strategic, educational and tactical support to attendees.

Date: N/A: Self-Directed Experience

Digital Health Innovation Success Masterclass

An inspirational educational experience designed to help you understand, develop, implement and scale powerful digital health innovations.

Previous Events


Event providing significant strategic, educational and tactical support to attendees.

future::present event logo
Date: September 19, 2017

future::present Digital Health Breakfast Event - Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality in Health

In health, there's no argument that the digital future has arrived. But how is it playing out — today?

future::present is a digital health breakfast event series designed to help you learn the answers.


Event focusing on new Digital Health Maven Project research.

Date: July 12, 2017
R/GA: Collaborative Innovation in the Digital Health Age

With market drivers such as policy changes, implementation of value-based care, and adoption of new technology, organizations have recognized significant growth opportunities in digital health. Success in this emerging field requires developing new strategy, creating unique partnerships, reshaping existing business models, and driving a culture of innovation within complex, matrixed organizations.


Major conference or event

Date: March 1, 2017
Rise of the Healthy Machines 2017 Age

Machine learning, Machines to measure our motion and tell us the exercise more, Machines to watch over us, Machines to keep our employees healthy, Machines to help us remember to take our meds, Machines to watch for the next pandemic, Machines to measure care quality, Machines to help doctors between and during visits give better care and the list goes on and on. Healthy Machines are reinventing healthcare as we speak, making us healthier individually and as a people.

Special Webinar Series

Event focusing on new Digital Health Maven Project research.

Signal vs. Noise Webinar Logo

Date: Regular Series
Signal vs. Noise Digital Health Webinar Series

Signal vs. Noise Digital Health Webinars reveal intelligence designed to help you separate the signal from the massive amounts of noise in digital health currently.

Insights shared during these session are grounded in daily analysis of insights from the industry leading DigiHealth Informer database, which contains millions of data points on key digital health trends, technologies market events and more that are collected and updated in real-time.

Signal vs. Noise Webinars are conducted monthly.

Research Debut

Event focusing on new Digital Health Maven Project research.

Date: April 14, 2016
Decoding the DNA of Digital Health Innovation -- in Digital and Beyond

During this special event we debuted the results of the State of Digital Health Innovation 2016 study. Special guests included Dave Chase, noted innovation catalyst and thought leader and Chris Edwards, Chief Marketing Officer of Validic.


Virtual event featuring Digital Health Maven Project-related content.

Date: December 13, 2015

Key Digital and Non-Digital Strategies for Accelerating Innovation in the Healthcare Sector


Organized by India's InnovatioCuris (IC) this Webinar is designed to provide participants with unique insights and strategies for understanding how to benchmark and optimize their use of digital healthcare innovations such as mobile, social media, Big Data and other technologies.


Virtual event featuring Digital Health Maven Project-related content.

Date: December 3, 2015

Virtual Opening Remarks: DHealth Catalyst - Digital Health: Strategy 2018 Event

Understanding and Navigating Digital Health’s “Age of Implementation”

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