The Signal vs. Noise Digital Health Webinar - AMA Edition: Digital Health 2017, Wearables, Trump and More

Providing you with clarity, insights and research about the evolving digital health landscape

Fard Johnmar

Webinar Host, Founder/President of Enspektos and the Digital Heath Maven Project

Fard Johnmar is founder of the leading innovation consultancy Enspektos, a bestselling author, digital health futurist, researcher and strategist. He works with government, startups, leading organizations and others around the world to help shape and accelerate digital innovation in health.

Our second Signal vs. Noise Digital Health Webinar is a special end of 2016 edition featuring your questions, non-obvious insights and more! Here's what's in store for the session:


-In the spirit of Reddit and other platforms, Fard will spend the bulk of the session participating in an AMA "Ask Me Anything" session featuring YOUR questions about the volatile and challenging global digital health market.

This will be a structured AMA focusing on the following topics:

  • Are wearables dead?
  • Trump & Digital Health Innovation: Navigating Choppy Waters
  • Digital Health Investment: Bull or Bear Market?
  • Digital Health in 2017: What to Expect?
  • Any Other Topic YOU Can Think Of


How is Fard able to answer ANY of your questions related to the digital health market? His secret weapon is the DigiHealth Informer platform featuring 1 million + data points on health's digital future.

During this session he'll take 5 minutes to demo version 2.0 of the platform which is specially designed to help you work better, smarter and faster. Attendees will receive a special discount on group or individual DigiHealth Informer subscriptions.

Join us for this special session!

As always, this is a LIVE-only event. Fard will not be making a recording available post-Webinar. Slides available only upon request.

We will hold two sessions on:

-December 19, 2016
-December 20, 2016

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