Digital Health Maven Podcast Short: Craig DeLarge on Practicing Compassionate Curiosity

Digital Health Maven Craig DeLarge on Why Curiosity + Compassion is Necessary to Achieve Progress


delarge_copy_463187Craig DeLarge is a digital healthcare and change leadership strategist who has sought to cultivate, teach and drive innovation across a range of noted health organizations, including Johnson & Johnson, Novo Nordisk and Merck.  He is also founder of the Digital Mental Health Project, an initiative designed to map the many ways digital technologies are being used to support mental health and prevent or treat mental illnesses and disorders.

Craig will also be featured as our digital health maven of the month in May and appear in the next full episode of The Digital Health Maven Podcast. The Digital Health Maven Podcast Shorts series consists of brief excerpts from upcoming interviews designed to get you excited for the next full program and help you learn something new about our mavens.  This installment features Craig talking about the importance compassion plays in cultivating the curiosity needed to understand how to navigate and drive innovation within large organizations.

Listen to this episode below.

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