How DigiHealth Informer can help you.

DigiHealth Informer is a unique business intelligence platform that provides real-time data about the global digital and emerging technology health market. It delivers insights about investments, market events, innovation activity and other topics to improve understanding, decision-making and more.

DigiHealth Informer at work.

DigiHealth Informer delivers visualizations, data and intelligence that helps you understand trends and answer
critical strategic questions about digital and emerging health technologies. Read the analysis below to learn more.

Here's what makes DigiHealth Informer different:


DigiHealth Informer is 100% focused on digital health. This allows you to learn about little-known, but vital trends companies and more.

Global Context

Other tools and platforms simply provide you with lists of organizations, investors and other data. DigiHealth Informer does much more. By placing data into context, DigiHealth Informer helps you understand why it all matters and how innovations, technologies and trends are shaping local, regional and global digital health ecosystems. This helps you identify opportunities, understand trends and market events in a much better, deeper and informed way.


Many intelligence resources gather dust because they can't meet the wildly different expectations of diverse individuals, teams and organizations. DigiHealth Informer is designed from the ground up for extreme customization, providing each user with a personalized data stream and experience, depending on their unique requirements.

Trusted By:

Social & News Data Collection

Social & News Data Collection

Data is captured from 1000s of high-impact, high quality social media, mainstream news sites, academic journals and other online sources in real time

<b>Data Processing and Classification</b>

Data Processing and Classification

Natural language processing and machine learning technologies are used to classify content by region, company, investors, technologies, medical conditions, sentiment and other important factors

<b> Analytics Generation and Automated Insights Tracking and Delivery</b>

Analytics Generation and Automated Insights Tracking and Delivery

Beautiful data visualizations and automated content delivery tools help you pinpoint, monitor and understand trends, issues, market events and much more

Getting Work Done DigiHealth Informer Guide

Learn 5 Ways DigiHealth Informer Helps You Get Work Done Smarter, Faster and Better

Read this eBook to learn how DigiHealth Informer helps you:
  • Quickly research companies, partners and competitors
  • Easily monitor global digital health investment activity — in almost real-time
  • Rapidly compare, contrast and analyze digital health innovation trends across regions, countries and even cities
  • Sharply reduce digital health information overload
  • Efficiently generate custom high-value intelligence on companies, competitors, industries, innovations, major conferences and more

How to get started on DigiHealth Informer 2.0.

  • Request an invitation to DigiHealth Informer
  • After requesting an invitation, provide us with additional information about your digital health intelligence needs
  • Look out for a response from us

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