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Here are just some of the ways DigiHealth Informer helps you understand:


Track rising and falling digital health trends with ease


Find out which companies, startups, non-profits and other organizations are leading the way across innovation areas, regions, technology sub-sectors and more


Monitor and receive automatic alerts about breaking news, research, market analysis and other topics


Learn about global digital health investments in topic areas you specify; In addition, generate in-depth organizational profiles that help you understand how much funding companies have received to date, number of employees, company maturity and more

How DigiHealth Informer uncovers vital market insights buried within the digital health content firehose.

<b>Social & News Data Collection</b>

Social & News Data Collection

Data is captured from social media, mainstream news sites and other online sources in real time

<b>Data Processing and Classification</b>

Data Processing and Classification

Natural language processing and machine learning technologies are used to classify content by region, company, investors, technologies, medical conditions, sentiment and other important factors

<b> Analytics Generation and Automated Insights Tracking and Delivery</b>

Analytics Generation and Automated Insights Tracking and Delivery

Beautiful data visualizations and automated content delivery tools help you pinpoint, monitor and understand trends, issues, market events and much more

Inside the DigiHealth Informer platform.

Filter Signal from Noise With the Discovery Engine

Generate Discovery Cards packed with data, visualizations and insights that help you quickly identify leading companies, investors, regional innovation hubs and much more. Spend less time searching Google, slogging through email newsletters and grappling with crowded social media feeds to find the information and insights you need. Export charts and tables for your own analysis and presentations.

Discovery Card Overview

Track the Companies, Trends and Innovations You Care About Most

Create custom intelligence briefs on any digital health topic you can imagine, including companies, investors, government agencies, diseases and accelerators. Receive an automatically generated PDF (via email) with the latest insights and analysis on your topic. Use your custom briefs to sharply reduce your information load, target niche and specialized topics and other issues of importance with ease.

Custom Brief Overview

Stay Ahead With Real-Time Analytics and Original Market Insights

Leave information overload behind with our real-time dashboard that brings you breaking news, vital insights and more from across the global digital health ecosystem. Also, understand why it all matters with DigiHealth Informer Intelligence Briefs that are packed with original research and analysis — delivered to you several times a week.

Real-Time Dashboard Overview

What Kind of High-Value Intelligence Can DigiHealth Informer Help You Quickly Deliver?

View this mini organizational report developed using data sourced entirely from the DigiHealth Informer platform to find out.
DigiHealth Informer Report
Getting Work Done DigiHealth Informer Guide

Learn 5 Ways DigiHealth Informer Helps You Get Work Done Smarter, Faster and Better

Read this eBook to learn how DigiHealth Informer helps you:
  • Quickly research companies, partners and competitors
  • Easily monitor global digital health investment activity — in almost real-time
  • Rapidly compare, contrast and analyze digital health innovation trends across regions, countries and even cities
  • Sharply reduce digital health information overload
  • Efficiently generate custom high-value intelligence on companies, competitors, industries, innovations, major conferences and more

Even More Features to Boost Your Knowledge and Success

DigiHealth Informer has many additional features designed to help you understand and navigate the complex and challenging global digital health market. New features are developed and released regularly.

  • Benefit from more than two years of digital health data (millions of online and social data points) focusing on critical digital health topics such as mental health, Big Data and artificial intelligence
  • Access information from dozens of media, companies, research organizations and more at-a-glance
  • Go beyond the hype surrounding emerging technologies like wearables, and access unique and original analysis about how they will impact patients, providers, governments and companies
  • Use the DigiHealth Informer Bucket Bookmarklet to save digital health articles, research, reports and more to your personal insights library (coming in 2017)

How to get started on DigiHealth Informer 2.0.

DigiHealth Informer 2.0 Launch Week is Here!

DigiHealth Informer Launch Week Image

Subscribe during Launch Week and you'll also receive a NEW five-part online course Achieving Flowalysis, that will teach you:

  • Six powerful psychological triggers unnoticed by most that will take your writing (and your career/product) to the next level
  • Content consumption secrets you can use to read (and understand) complex books, journal articles and more in minutes, not hours
  • Hidden (free) Websites you can rely on to find valuable market data on companies, startups and others instantly
  • Many more tactics and strategies related to analyzing and communicating digital health intelligence you can put to work immediately -- plus implementation and assessment tools

This course is FREE with your subscription. Course will not be offered after March 30, 2017.

Click the button below to view DigiHealth Informer plans and pricing.

Note: We're offering a special LIVE edition of our new course, Achieving Flowalysis taught by its developer, digital health futurist, researcher and analyst Fard Johnmar. Taking place over a 3-week period, it will feature weekly online office hours and live interactive Webinars.

Most importantly, you'll have the opportunity to receive answers to your personal questions about collecting, analyzing and using digital health market data to create emails, presentations, reports and memos that attract attention, convince and convert.

All those purchasing DigiHealth Informer individual and group subscriptions between March 25 and March 27 (11:59 p.m. Eastern) will be eligible to register. This offer expires in:

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