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About Our DigiHealth Informer Twitter Account


What is this Account All About?

A Mini Initiative Designed to Provide Health Executives, Medical Professionals, Innovators, Entrepreneurs and Others With Relevant and Useful Digital Health Resources via Twitter

Twitter can be a fantastic source of information related to digital health, but it's hard to find relevant and useful resources that can help improve understanding, drive innovation and more.

To address this issue, Enspektos, LLC, the company powering the Digital Health Maven Project, decided to launch the DigiHealth Informer account, a semi-automated Twitter account that proactively reaches out to individuals in the global Twitter community to provide them with information about events, reports, Webinars and other materials of interest. The DigiHealth Informer account is part of the Digital Health Maven Project.

Here are a few more details about DigiHealth Helper:

  • We send out tweets focusing on popular digital health-related items
  • From time to time, we reach out directly to individuals tweeting about digital health-related topics, including wearables, mobile health, social media, Big Data and more
  • We share information related to events, content and other resources produced by third parties and Enspektos (related to the Digital Health Maven Project and beyond)

We're always looking for new content, events, news items and other materials to share. Please send a Tweet to @digihealthinfo to share your knowledge, events and insights with us.

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