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digihealth impact trac Report: Q2 2018 - Vital Trends and Patient Voices

A Quarterly Review of the Global Digital Health Market's Overall Strength and Impact

Quarterly Report Series Helps You Understand Digital Health’s Strength and Impact

Traditionally, we have used investment data to understand the growth and evolution of the digital health market. However, while valuable, funding data, provides limited information about two other important measures of the digital health market’s strength: implementation and impact.

With thousands of organizations, startups, government agencies, universities and others testing, developing and commercializing digital solutions, improving our understanding of the market’s scope requires new data sources, analysis and metrics.

This quarterly report series satisfies these unmet needs and provides you with:

  • An understanding of the overall strength of the digital health market via a new metric: The Global Digital Health Strength Index
  • Insights about the global impact of digital health via a systematic market examination using the Health Technology Ecosystem Analysis Methodology

Included in this report series is a mini-research effort, Patient Voices, which is designed to provide a much-needed  human perspective on the digital technologies changing health globally.

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