Craig DeLarge on Why Compassionate Curiosity May Be Innovation’s Secret Ingredient

Craig DeLarge: Digital Health Maven of the Month: May 2015 – June 2015

podcast_imagedelarge_copy_463187Craig is a digital health maven because of his compassionate curiosity. Throughout his career at some of the most complex health organizations on the planet, Craig has consistently used his knack for understanding the people, technologies and processes that drive large health companies to foster innovation and cultural change.

Craig’s primary digital health maven trait is cultivate curiosity (click here to learn about the five traits of digital health mavens).

Craig is currently head of digital acceleration, emerging markets at Takeda Pharmaceutical Company. He is also a digital healthcare and change leadership strategist who has sought to cultivate, teach and drive innovation across a range of noted health organizations, including Johnson & Johnson, Novo Nordisk and Merck.

In recent months Craig has also distinguished himself as a leader and catalyst in the digital mental health movement. He’s helped to draw attention to the need to use digital tools to improve mental as well as physical well-being and accelerated the development of startups in this space.

In this episode of the Digital Health Maven Podcast, we focus on how curiosity is not only a necessary ingredient for driving innovation, but is also needed to help build the relationships and alliances within large organizations that are required to drive much-needed change.

Listen to this episode below.

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