Closing the Digital Health Innovation Data Gap

After many months of work and planning, today marks the launch of a major global digital health research initiative and a significant expansion of the scope and goals of the Digital Health Maven Project.

This effort is designed to address what I call the digital health innovation data gap.

Can you answer the following two questions?

  • How are health organizations globally doing when it comes to integrating digital solutions (such as wearables, mobile and Big Data) into their products, services and operations?
  • Are the innovation expectations of startups, investors, health tech firms and others aligned with the reality of how health organizations are progressing in digital health?

The fact is we don’t know the answers to these questions. This is a big problem for two reasons:

  • Startups and other innovative firms will take longer to realize their full potential because of a lack of information about how organizations are progressing in digital health
  • Companies, non-profits and others have a limited sense of how they compare to peers and how to ensure their innovation activities have maximum impact

Taking part in this research will benefit you directly:

  1. If you’re from a health organization, you’ll receive a personalized 7+ page report immediately after completing the survey that will help you assess your digital health innovation progress, identify strengths and weaknesses and more
  2. If you work with a health organization (startup, health tech firm, agency, etc.) you’ll also receive a 7+ page report (after finishing the survey) that you can use to compare your perceptions of how health industries should be doing in digital health innovation with the reality of your clients’ or partners’ experience and more

You’ll also:

  • Receive a copy of a major report that will be published with the research findings before the general public (this report is scheduled for publication in February 2016)
  • Have access to an invitation-only Webinar where you’ll hear directly from me about the research findings and have the opportunity to ask questions about what this research means for your organization, products and services
  • Receive a series of informative emails that will provide you with insights about how to address key weakness (or take advantage of strengths) in your digital health innovation efforts from leading thought leaders. This content will be customized based on your responses to the survey.

All of these reports and resources will be delivered to you free of charge thanks to the generous support of individuals and organizations, including Validic and Evolution Road.

I hope you’re as excited about this research initiative as I am. I believe this research, the personalized reports you’ll receive and other resources will help accelerate your (and others’) digital health innovation efforts.

To learn more about (and take part in) this research, please click here.

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